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Angstman Law Office (ALO) was founded by Myron Angstman in 1977. Myron first came to Bethel as a Public Defender and was admitted to the Alaska Bar in 1974.  After three years of working as a Public Defender, ALO was opened for business in Bethel. Myron has relocated to Anchorage, but the Bethel office is still open and ALO handles cases statewide.

Myron Angstman has handled more than 200 jury trials all over Alaska, and has won all but a few of them. Included are two very large verdicts that are among the highest ever in the state, more than $9,000,000 in the case of Andrew v. Midwest Folding Table in 2005, and more than $17,000,000 in Trailov v. Allstate Insurance in 2015.

Myron handles only civil cases now, after a long career of doing both civil and criminal cases. He has won a wide variety of cases, including homicides, wrongful death cases, environmental claims, and aviation accidents.  ALO employs contract lawyers from around Alaska and the lower 48 to assist with cases as needed.

Angstman Law Office features a no nonsense approach to its cases. At ALO, your calls will be answered promptly and your case will be handled as efficiently as possible. Clients and jurors have found Myron straightforward and easy to understand. If you are looking for a fancy lawyer who speaks in legal language few can understand, look elsewhere. Thousands of  Alaskans have been happy with the services of Angstman Law Office over the years. 


Call his cell directly at 907-545-2972 and you will get a prompt response.

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Angstman Law Office 
PO Box 585 
Bethel, Alaska 99559 

800-478-5315 (toll free) 
907-545-2972 (cell) 
907-543-3394 (fax)

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