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April 2016

Jessica Klejka Graduation | Tanner's Story | Spring at the Elk Farm

The April news comes to you from the international headquarters of Front Range web, the webmaster for ALO's page, located in Cut Bank, Montana. The stop here to visit former Bethel folks Rich and Jen Gannon follows a visit with Bob and Mary Rearden in Great Falls, Montana, and a stop at the Washington State vet school graduation where Jessica Klejka got her diploma.

That event marks the first time a Bethel graduate has completed vet school. The graduation speaker informed the class that some of them were about to become some family's vet for life, which is a special responsibility for those who treasure their animals. Jessica knew long before she graduated that she was about to become the Angstman family vet for life. She was a special friend of the family from an early age, after Sarah baby sat Jessica and her sister Jenny and often brought them by to visit. Jessica got an early start in dog mushing, and that linked her to the Dog Farm forever. Some of her first dogs were from the Angstman line, and she often borrowed a dog or two for racing. Andy used one of her dogs in the Iditarod. So it is only natural that her attendance at vet school was greeted with excitement from the Angstmans. Jessica will be working at a clinic in Palmer and will be a favorite vet for many folks starting June 1st.

Until recently there was a plan for Tanner to become Jessica's first paying customer. He was scheduled to travel to the graduation, and be presented for a well dog check-up in the parking lot after the ceremony, for a cash fee. Speaking of Tanner,

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for some memories and pictures (if you are not a dog lover, don't bother).

Spring was in full force in April at the Elk Farm. Bird life is the most active at that time, and the number of birds seems to grow every year. Abundant habitat for nesting is the likely explanation, along with recent wet summers that have left the ground water and ponds at a high level. Among waterfowl, ducks, geese, sand hill cranes, swans, loons and herons are plentiful, and walking either in the early morning or evening involves an impressive noise level. Frogs, pheasants and turkeys add to the commotion.

New laws have created yet another testing requirement for the elk. Brucellosis testing is done through a blood test, and getting an elk to hold still for a blood draw is not simple. Long time Elk Farm vet Glen Zebarth managed to complete the recent testing without incident. Afterward, he was asked about the prospect of getting Dr. Klejka interested in treating elk. Glen asked if she was very bright, and when told that she was exceptionally bright, he stated that would disqualify her.

Legal work went forward in April. ALO became involved in a major case against the State of Alaska, based on staff sexual misconduct at a youth jail in Anchorage involving a Bethel area girl. ALO represents the teenage victim. Of special interest in that newspaper account is the report that the final incident happened after the staff member involved was confronted by supervisors, announced his resignation, and asked for a few days to clean out his desk before leaving. Allowing him an opportunity to be alone with this girl on his last day of work defies common sense.

Obtaining legal representation when arrested for drunk driving is often a challenge when the arrested person is at the police station. ALO recently received a favorable ruling on a motion filed when a detained person was not given ALO's phone number when asked to do so by a friend. Here is the interesting ruling.

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Politics is getting better by the week. The apparent Republican nominee was recently endorsed by former Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight. Knight was fired at Indiana for "uncivil, defiant and unacceptable" behavior which included throwing a chair at a ref, choking his own player, and countless other escapades that marred his otherwise highly successful career. Among the reasons stated for endorsing Trump was Knight's belief that Trump would not be afraid to use the bomb. This from a guy who was not afraid to throw a chair at a ref.

This month's mandatory moose comes from a Facebook posting. After the warmest winter on record in Alaska this video is a must view for anyone with an interest in just what is going on.


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