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August 2014

The August news comes to you from a warm, dry cabin in the middle of a bad storm in the mountains east of Bethel. Winds were recorded at around 70 mph on a mountain top remote station near here this morning, and heavy rain has fallen as well. Numerous tent camps have been observed in open areas on the tundra in the past few days, and those folks are having a hunker down day, to be sure.

Many of the past few days have been spent hunting moose near the cabin. Don Lehmann harvested a young bull and has since returned to Sitka. While here, he enjoyed reading this article about a previous hunting camp on this lake. Fortunately, the crowds have diminished here since the cabin was built, and none of the guests at the Angstman cabin have had as many complaints as the author. The guide from the article since sold his two boats to ALO, and has moved on from Chauekuktuli Lake. The food has improved as well.

The trail cam at the lake produced a number of good shots, but this bear video is likely the best.

Here is another bear video to check out.

Tanner of course is photogenic as always, here retrieving a large red salmon from the lake.

August saw the Winter family from Minnesota touring Alaska. Sherry snapped this shot of Talkeetna area gentlemen mooning the train as it rumbled by.

Mooning is an Alaska tradition, and Bethel has had some extraordinary mooners over the years. Bev Hoffman once made the mistake of laying down her camera at a party while she danced in another room. When she later picked up the photos at the store and showed them to her young 4-H class, they were all surprised to find a well staged moon shot among them. No one was ever able to determine the true identity of the pranksters. There were, however, some suspects. Bev celebrated her birthday recently, and there was some question as to how old she actually was. But there is no question that she draws quite a famous crowd to her parties. This shot shows Sen. Lisa Murkowski holding Bev's niece Dottie Moon at the party.

The unidentified gentleman in the brown jacket missed his chance for brief fame only because his belly sticks out further than his face.

Speaking of Bethel, for those of you reading from far away, here is a good aerial view of the city.

A recent list posted on line listed Bethel as the best place to live in Alaska. It was based on a number of criteria, including wages, length of commute, education level of its citizens and a few others. Most of the rest of the state would disagree with the results, but some have learned to never speak badly of Bethel around a long time resident.

One good reason to live in Bethel is because Sarah Palin doesn't. This past week it was revealed that the Palin family arrived at a party which promptly turned into a brawl. ALO is eagerly awaiting the video that surely was taken by someone. The Palin story is always entertaining, but that is common among politicians. This cartoon is an example.

ALO has been involved in a more than two hundred jury trials. Sometimes the person on trial needs a little advice on how to look right for the jury. For example, there was the lady who showed up with about three buttons of her blouse unbuttoned, and a brief conference in the lobby "covered" that issue. It would take more than a couple of buttons to take care of this problem.

Here is an interesting article about elk farming. Long Pond Elk Farm has seen an increase in demand for its products as a result of the issues noted in the article. Back on the farm, these photos show some of the abundant wild flowers this year because of the steady rain.

And instead of a moose shot, how about this video of two large deer on the farm, and their surprise guest.

This sandhill crane finishes off the news with what can only be described as a strut.


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