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February 2010

February was a short month, but long on stuff worthy of the ALO website news. Let's start with office news. Three civil cases were settled, the most significant of which was a claim against a local store for a broken leg. A Bethel man fell on a mound of ice at the base of the front steps of a local store, as he departed with a large box. He suffered a badly broken leg for which he was compensated. The second case involved a home fire in Shaktoolik. A family lost all of its belongings and settled its claim against the local Housing Authority. The third settlement involved a group of passengers on a commuter flight to a village on the Yukon River. During the flight, the pilot's door popped open and couldn't be closed. For the duration of the flight, two of the passengers struggled to keep the door partially closed while the pilot flew the plane, creating a panic situation for the passengers.

Dog season continued in February, but the big local event wasn't a race, it was Pete Kaiser's fund raiser. Pete is a young man who has grown up taking part in various Kuskokwim 300 race events, and this year has decided to tackle the Iditarod. The Angstmans are helping to sponsor him, with money and two good dogs. A large crowd showed up at his fund raiser to help with sponsorship. The race starts March 6th in Anchorage, and this article describes the event pretty well.

Speaking of Iditarod, one of Andy's Iditarod dogs died in February. Rudy was a favorite at the Dog Farm, mainly because of his goofy attitude, but also for his ability to keep going when common sense suggested he shouldn't be able to. Rudy had arthritis for the last few years of his life, and had discomfort in his ankles whenever he ran. Several race vets noticed the problem, and suggested he be dropped during a race. He never was, and in fact was always among the most eager to go when the rest stop was over. He led Sarah, Andy and Myron out of Tuluksak on their K300 races, the last one two years ago at age 10. At age 9 he made it all the way to Nome with a gait Andy described as lumbering. Dogs like Rudy are remembered fondly at Old Friendly Dog Farm. Happy Trails.

Minnesota Public Radio did a recent feature on Baldwin Township which had an article about Long Pond Elk Farm. Featured in the photo is the backside of neighbor Dave Price.

ALO webmaster Rich Gannon recently designed another Bethel website, this time for Kuskokwim Wilderness Adventures. Rich lives near Cut Bank, Montana.

Finally, the death of Elya Evan was noted in February. Elya was part of the colorful Stony River Evan family with many connections to the Angstman family. Elya's older brothers Evan and Wassillie helped build the log building which was the Angstman home for many years and is now ALO. Myron went on a number of hunting trips with Evan before he drowned in the Kuskokwim River. Elya helped build the Angstman cabin pictured on the front page of this website. He amazed his co-workers with his outdoor skills and strength. At one point he climbed a sheer rock wall near the cabin just to show that he still could. tending a fire on the beach. The stories of the Evan family would be a big chapter in any book about the Kuskokwim.


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