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January 2009

January is Kuskokwim 300 month at ALO. This year that had added significance as Myron was co-race manager along with other duties involving the race (board member, racer, fan, host, etc). Weather played a typical role this year, forcing two delays in the race start because of thawing conditions. A freak wind hit during one of the delays, and the committee scrambled to find a decent route. The race happened, and the two ALO teams, raced by Myron and Casie Stockdale, both finished the Bogus creek 150. These pictures reveal that old guys look better before racing all night than they do after. See for details.

More racing happens in February and March. Be sure to keep an eye on Bethel’s Pete Kaiser in upcoming races. The 21 year old son of ALO friends Ron and Janet Kaiser finished a strong 5th in the 300 and won rookie of the year, and followed that up with a 4th place finish in the Tustumena 200. Old Friendly Dog farm is helping Pete with some loaner dogs for racing, so his success brings added excitement to ALO.

ALO was involved in a major civil case in Anchorage which included sex and drugs. It concluded recently after many years of litigation, but the results are confidential.

ALO handled its first medical marijuana case recently in Dillingham. A middle aged man from that town was convicted of a felony for possession of a significant quantity of pot plants. He tried to represent himself, with poor background help from a person who was not a lawyer. Even though the man was entitled to a medical marijuana card for a chronic illness, he had never obtained one until after he was busted. He presented the card at his sentencing, and ALO argued for a suspended imposition of sentence which would allow the man to keep a clean record without any jail time. The judge agreed and the case ended well.

Another major case, this one involving the massive Hooper Bay fire, also resolved. Judge Leonard Devaney issued the attached summary judgment opinion.

Order Granting Defendant's Motion for Su
Download • 344KB

ALO represent the Lower Yukon School District. LYSD was sued after the school burned in an incident where children started a fire under the school while playing with matches. Many nearby houses also burned, and those folks blamed the school for not taking steps to prevent the kids from playing under the school. The fire was started in the wee hours, during the summer when school was not in session. The plaintiffs have requested reconsideration of the order ending the case.

A quick trip to wine country in late January went less smooth than hoped. Flight snafus on both ends of the trip made for a lot of airport time, but still 70 degree temps in Sonoma, California were a nice break from the below zero temps common this winter in Bethel. No wonder Jack London retreated there during his breaks from the Klondike gold fields. His former farm, now a park, made for a great afternoon tour.


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