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January 2012

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

The Kuskokwim 300 dominated ALO news for the month of January. Persistent cold temps kept the field small but there was no lack of talent. Youngster Rohn Buser became the second member of his family to win the race. Local rookie Jen Peeks won the Bogus race and thus became the first woman to win that race. Wind chills were below -50 for the race. The weather was a common topic around Alaska, and a few of the highlights are worth reporting. Cold temps didn't slow down this group of This creative fellow found a good heaped up in front of his door in Cordova. Neighbor Casie Stockdale showed the world how a young lady preps for dog feeding in Bethel on a cold day.

Russian Christmas (Slavic) brought out a good crowd despite the cold in the nearby village of Kasigluk and Cauline Ferguson captured a nice

Politics dominated the news and the Palins of course wanted their share. Todd endorsed Newt Gingrich. Perhaps as a result Newt got hammered in Florida. Speaking of Gingrich, might explain some of his problems in the primary. Republicans and Democrats ought to listen more closely to the in the US Senate, and of course one of the smartest members. that is hard for some to believe, because they tend to believe what Rush Limbaugh tells them.

Angstman Law did some business in January. Two Bethel clients settled their car accident claims, and a Fairbanks client had a felony charge dismissed. One of the better legal calls of the month came from a lady at the Bethel jail, charged with a couple of drug related cases. She said she planned to hire a famous Anchorage defense lawyer but couldn't get the money together until she got out of jail. She wanted to know if ALO could represent her for a few days and get her out on bail. The response was the kind one might expect from a crusty old guy who really doesn't like to be told that the real lawyers live in Anchorage and isn't afraid to speak his mind. She was told that would be like asking a lady to be some guy's girlfriend for a couple of weeks until a better one could be found. She got the message and hung up.

Criminals sometimes have interesting stories to tell. This couple ran into some hard times in Colorado. And of course there was the potential ALO client who showed up at the office, wanting to sue the State of Alaska. He was asked to explain his case. It went this way. The guy went to Anchorage for a weekend stay at a low priced hotel. One night, returning to the room at a late hour, he was jumped in the hallway and robbed of about $200 in cash. The obvious question was asked, "how does this involve the state?? "If they would give those guys jobs, they wouldn't have to go around robbing people." Probably true, but not a case ALO could win.

Somebody had a good time putting together this blurb about Anchorage. Any Alaskan has to laugh.

There is little to laugh at in this clip. It aired on TV but if you missed it, please watch. This young man climbs without a rope, and it will scare you to watch.

Finally, not all to earn their keep.

In case you missed it, check out the story of the lead dog Funny and the 1983 Kuskokwim 300.


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