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July 2011

July in Alaska sometimes involves summer, but not this year. Cool wet days stacked up and one weather watcher said only one day in Bethel exceeded 70 degrees. 40 degree temps were common, and some days dipped into the 30's. Fresh snow appeared in the mountains. There were even some complaints from the usually stoic Bethel folks. But wet weather is not all bad. This collection of photos from John McDonald and Bev Hoffman shows some of the amazing wildflowers near the Angstman cabin, among other shots they took during a recent visit with other members of the Hoffman clan.

The trip to the cabin replaced a planned raft trip that was scrapped because of the foul weather. Mike Hoffman was one of the visitors. He also spends time as a part time fish guide on the Kisaralik River. His effort at a pre-dinner blessing at the Hoffman camp is worth watching. Wine may have been involved.

Rainy weather of a different kind was the norm at the elk farm. Heavy rain came regularly between hot weather spells, which made the farm's wildflowers more robust than usual.

Wildflowers have been planted on more than 100 acres of restored prairie, and it takes years for them to become well established. After that they are more or less permanent, because of their hardiness.

ALO settled a case for three passengers on a flight from a nearby village. All three were injured when the plane failed to stay airborne after three attempts to get off the wet runway. Their case was a lot more solid than this case recently filed in Washington, who knew a goat could be worth $10 million. When you are through being outraged by that case, try reading this one.

July is anniversary month for Myron and Sue, an event that is often overlooked. This year a facebook message prevented that result, and then neighbor Kathy Baldwin saved the day with a dinner invitation and this romantic card.

Animals are often featured in the ALO news and July offered this video of two moose calves making the most of a rare hot day in Anchorage.

Finally, a recent dance recital involving Mary and Sunset was projected to be more than two hours long and that created lots of complaining from a few of those required to attend. The show itself was much shorter and far better than expected. This photo was professionally shot by Joseph Shawler and it reveals the quality of the recital, from choreography to costumes. Mary is third from the right.


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