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October 2007

Myron and Sue are back in Alaska after a few weeks at Long Pond Elk Farm. Fall was wonderful on the farm, with great weather and abundant wildlife, along with lots of farm chores. The critter count on the farm, not counting the 30 fenced elk, seems to be increasing. Among the stuff we see are deer, coyote, pheasant, grouse, turkey, duck, giant Canadian goose, trumpeter swan, sandhill crane, heron, bald eagle, hawk, owl, grey squirrel, flying squirrel, fox, skunk, possum, bobcat, mink, fisher and beaver. We have seen sign of black bear and wolf, but no sightings yet. Most of these creatures are more abundant now than they were 50 years ago. We have posted pictures of some of the wildlife, including a couple of magnificent white tails captured by trail cameras strolling around at night. Several elk were harvested in October, and a few have been shipped to Alaska customers.

During the Minnesota stay, Myron and Sue connected up with former Angstman Law Office employee Jane Imholte, who now works as a Public Defender in Minneapolis. Jane misses Alaska and is counting the days until she returns, which will likely be in about 1 1/2 years. She proudly displays two photos of Alaska at her apartment, one of her in a hopeless dog tangle during the Bogus Creek 150, and another of James Nicholas, the long time helper at ALO befriended by Jane when she worked there. Her choice of wall photos explains why she remains one of the favorite employees ever at ALO.

Some legal work was done from Minnesota. A Dillingham car crash resulted in a $50,000 settlement for the injured lady. Also in the Dillingham courts Matt secured a dismissal of several assault counts, including two felonies, for a Togiak man. Matt keeps the office running during the fall, and email keeps the Minnesota branch of ALO informed of the day to day events in Bethel.

The fall out from September’s plane crash is sorting itself out. After careful thought, another airplane is likely to show up in Bethel before too long. Part of the reason for that is the fact that Sarah and Ben seem to have put the accident behind them. They showed up at a Bethel Halloween party dressed as plane crash survivors.


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