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October 2008

October started with a trip to Portland for the Portland Marathon. Bethel was represented well there, with three runners Sarah, Ben and Sam Crow, and three walkers Sue, Myron and Cathy Baldwin. The latter three trained together all summer, Sam of course runs all the time all over Bethel, and both Sarah and Ben were taking part in their first marathon. Sarah trained hard, and Ben started late, and really didn’t get in that much time on the trail. Results can be found at the Portland Marathon site, but all finished.

One nice thing about a marathon, is provides guilt free eating for a couple of days, and Portland provided an excellent venue for that activity.

From there it was on to ALO south, at the Elk Farm in Minnesota. Legal work continues on the farm, but never before noon, when business is just getting started in Alaska. October saw two settlements of civil cases, both car accidents in Bethel. Both involved minor injuries, and the two cases settled for $25,000 and $32,500. The Jeff King trial, reported here earlier, resulted in a split verdict. The judge ruled King was guilty of hunting moose in Denali National Park, and not guilty of driving a motor vehicle in the park. Split decisions are almost always acceptable to the prosecution and rarely acceptable to the defense. This decision was not unexpected, but not because the defense was lacking merit. Last month ALO posted its final argument, this month you can read the judge’s decision.

Doc 59 Order
Download PDF • 370KB

Sentencing takes place in December, and a complete discussion of this most interesting case will be included in the December news.

Sue and Myron traveled to North Dakota and Montana to visit former Bethel friends Bob and Mary Rearden, Rich and Jen Gannon and college friends Art and Linda Glasoe. The Reardon’s log home overlooks the Missouri River near Great Falls and is always a treat even though too may oversize starter castles have moved into the neighborhood. Antelope, deer and geese were abundant along the river. The Gannons have moved from Browning to Cut Bank, and the new international headquarters of Front Range Web is another good stop. Glacier Park is nearby, and there are other outdoor spots to visit as well. The Glasoes farm 9,000 acres near Wildrose, North Dakota and their spread makes Bethel seem crowded.


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