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August 2007

Matt obtained a split decision on a jury trial this month in Dillingham criminal court. He obtained an acquittal for his client in a domestic violence assault, but the client was convicted on a charge of interfering with a report of domestic violence. (How can you interfere with a report of something that didn’t happen?) The client was happy with the result, even if his lawyers weren’t.

In civil cases, a Chefornak woman accepted a $155,000 settlement for knee injuries suffered in a fall on a school district porch. A Dillingham woman agreed to take $15,000 for injuries suffered in a fall on a sidewalk owned by a local business.

Our cabin project in the nearby state park is completed for this year. The crew made the cabin weather tight for the winter and will finish the project next June. The office crew will try out the cabin over the Labor Day weekend.

The Irish wedding trip was a success. Click the link below for pictures from webmaster Rich Gannon, who was one of the celebrants in Doolin, Ireland where the wedding party and guests spent a few days before the wedding touring. Most of the tours started and ended at a local pub. The Irish celebrate weddings in a manner similar to Americans, only longer. Addy and Nate’s reception ended at around 5:00 am, with the last few hours set aside for a sing along, which seems to be common. The Bethel crowd performed well, and managed to get a group picture taken in a pub right after the wedding, gathered around a Delta Discovery newspaper. That has been sent to the local newspaper for their picture page. Neville Purvis, a well known Bethel hillbilly, made a surprise appearance at the wedding. Click the second link to see Neville's toast.


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