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February 2008

Criminal law cases dominated the month of February at ALO. Matt and Myron combined efforts on several cases, including a first degree murder case from a Yukon River village that was set for trial in March. The case was resolved as a second degree murder, with a jail sentence of 10 to 20 years, to be decided by the judge at a sentencing hearing in May. Many less serious charges came up for trial as well. There was a crowded Dillingham calendar, and ALO’s clients fared well. A series of assaults against a Dillingham man and his girlfriend were all dismissed on the eve of trial. Another case, involving a violation of conditions of release, was also dismissed. Finally in Dillingham, an assault charge was reduced to disorderly conduct, with a 10 day suspended sentence.

On the civil side, the biggest news was the bankruptcy filing by the Catholic Bishop of Northern Alaska, a client of ALO. That case involved about 140 claims against the Fairbanks diocese, many of which were uninsured. The cases had just been placed on a fast track for trial when the bankruptcy decision was made.

That was not the only ALO case making headlines. A case reported here last month as a confidential settlement made the Anchorage paper as part of ongoing coverage of political corruption, Needless to say, that case offers a lot of intrigue. ALO still has two claims pending against Mr. Boehm.

Other civil cases resolved as well. A Bethel client received a settlement of $150,000 for injuries he suffered when the bike he was riding was struck by a cab. A 4- wheeler accident in White Mountain resulted in a $100,000 settlement for a young boy represented by ALO. The child was run over during a 4th of July celebration.

ALO welcomed a new staff member, a young man from the University of Houston law school. George Mirzashvili was born in the former Soviet nation of Georgia but came to live in the US as a boy because of political unrest in his home country. He stayed on for college and law school, and is a welcome addition to our staff.

Dog racing season is in full swing, and Old Friendly Dog Farm secured a win at the Norton Sound Portage 200, which starts and ends in Unalakleet, with a run over the portage to the Yukon River at Kaltag. Dean Painter raced the dogs, and won $4,000 for his effort. The Dog Farm would like to recognize several folks who helped Dean race, including his host family George and Elvina Turner, Yute Air, Wade Renfro and ATS for transportation, with other help from Dimitri’s Restaurant, VIP restaurant, AC Store, and Swanson’s Store.

from 1977, taken at the community festival that was held across from Swanson’s store in what was then Bethel’s first softball field, reveals several people who might be hard to remember. This month’s quiz: name four people in the photo, email your answer to, and Angstman Law Office will prepare your will for free. (if you are old enough to remember, you need one).

February has seen a continuation of very cold weather in the Bethel area. While actual temps have not been record setting, the steady wind has made for some nasty wind-chills. was emailed from Tok, Alaska in early February.

And finally, a word about how to treat your lawyer. A client from Quinhagak stopped by the office this week, for the first time in over a year. When she came in she stated “Everything looks different around here. Andy looks taller and Myron looks younger.” That called for a party, and two pizzas were ordered within minutes. Of course, that begs the question, younger than what?


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