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November 2013

November news actually includes some December news because of a major trial held in Barrow the first week of December. ALO reports all major cases it takes part in, as long as the other side doesn't somehow force silence. That also applies to losses. Fortunately, there haven't been many losses, but this trial was different. A California man injured his knee in a fall in 2010, when he encountered a 2 foot gap in the ramp leading from a boat to the shore at his construction camp. The man, an iron worker, dealt with all kinds of physical challenges in a day's work but a gap described like this by another passenger somehow caused him to fall.

The injured worker got better for a couple of months, and then developed serious arthritis, causing him to be unable to work in his trade. It shouldn't have helped his case that he was fired from his last job for poor performance and for making a racial slur. His resume also contained his email address, TommyToy6969, which might have hurt his future employment status. He slept through a good share of the trial, which might have impressed the jury. Regardless, they awarded him about 1.3 million dollars.

There was obvious trouble brewing during the trial when one lady in the back row started nodding her head with every positive fact that emerged for the plaintiff. This has happened before, of course, and with a 10-2 vote needed to win in a civil case, it is possible to work around one contrary juror. During final argument, that lady turned to face the wall rather than listen to the defense argument, but several other jurors indicated their support for the defense, through body language. They apparently had their minds changed in the jury room. On the day of the fall, the water was low enough that the boat couldn't reach the shore ramp, so the gap came between the two ramps, shown here without a gap.

The defense was, so what? Two feet isn't far to step.

On to the next case, which actually started to fire up on the trip home from Barrow. Because of weather and other issues, there was a two day delay in Anchorage, and during that time this story aired on KTUU television statewide. The film crew came to the airport for the interview. This promises to be a lively case.

Facebook followers see many of ALO's photos throughout the month, but for those who didn't, here are some shots from November. The first is a shot of Minnesota turkeys who don't seem concerned about Thanksgiving.

Notice the hunting blind in the back. Bethel seems to have a resident musk ox herd now, camped right across the river from town. Here are some shots of the critters, and also of the river posted on KYUK. Some of the Angstmans made it to Maui for Colin and Greta's wedding, and also the Maui Invitational. Here is a shot of Andy from the St. Paul paper, looking over the coach's shoulder. Sue seemed like part of the team.

Meanwhile, they drafted a new assistant coach for one game.

Sue and Sarah went snorkeling near Molokini, and avoided the hungry shark that lives there.

Finally this month's mandatory moose photo from the Anchorage paper.


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