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October 2013

A long shopping list of reasons contribute to this month's late report. It is clear there are some regular readers, because about this time of the month a few start asking when the news will be posted. Many readers are from out of Bethel and suggest reading the news is a way of keeping up on events in a place they have a connection, usually a former home. One reader even suggested it's sort of like a written version of a reality show. That may not have been a compliment.

Anyway, the annual fall trip to the Elk Farm was more hectic than usual with a late start because of the Portland Marathon and an early finish because of Colin McDonald's wedding. Colin has been a lifelong part of Angstman family activities.

He has played on Dog Farm sports teams, hunted, camped and fished with the crew. Now he has somehow managed to convince Greta Schuerch from Kiana to be his wife, and they are getting married in Hawaii. It's a good excuse for a holiday, and to see the Minnesota Gopher basketball team play in the Maui Classic.

Speaking of the Gophers, 60 years as a fan of the football teams has been rugged. When they won their 7th national title back in 1960, it seemed like they were a good bet to remain a national football power for years to come. But since the 60's it has been a struggle. This year, things are looking up and it is quite a story. Picked for last in the Big Ten by many, they have won four straight league games with a coach who has suffered several on field seizures during his tenure at Minnesota. Longtime fans aren't the only ones who might enjoy this locker room scene after they beat Nebraska for the first time since 1963.

Anyone who has pulled for an underdog will understand. In the interim, Nebraska won by as much as 87-13.

Farm activities in October included the harvest of 12 elk, a new high. Demand for elk meat is soaring nationwide and there are fewer farms than 10 years ago. Wildlife was abundant on the farm once again, and a late fall provided this shot of sunrise through the oak trees near a deer stand.

Many who follow this page are acquainted with Roger Bohm, a former Princeton teacher who sometimes came to Alaska to hunt. Roger is now in his 80's and suffers from bone cancer. He wasn't sure he would hunt deer this year, but managed to make it to his favorite stand soon enough to harvest this huge buck.

Minnesota's late fall was matched in Alaska. Returning to an open river in Bethel in mid-November is rare, but Anchorage had its warmest October on record, and Delta Junction broke its Oct. 29th record by 19 degrees with a high of 62. To the casual observer, these record temps might suggest that our globe is actually getting warmer. But if that was happening, it seems the world's scientists would have noticed that by now and warned everyone.

Legal news? Well there isn't too much to report. Many cases moved forward but nothing significant resolved. A batch of major cases are in their early stages, and the ALO phone still rings often, but fewer cases are accepted. A more selective approach to cases is a wise move, one that was late in coming for ALO.

The ALO wind generator has had a positive influence on the power bill. This shot of the monthly bill bill tells the story for the past two months since the tower was erected.

At about 45 cents per kilowatt hour, that's a significant savings. Love that hum out the window.

Finally the mandatory moose photo for October from musher Ray Redington's dog yard.


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